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Jayagau Homestay

Jayagau village is the western village in Parbat District. It is very popular village for treks in the Annapurna range of Nepal. The climb leads you to stunning trails and lusclous green forest talking you deep int to the village of Jayagau. Homestay program gives visitors a firsthand experience of village life in Nepal. From Pokhara a short drive ad across jungle landscape leads us to Jayagau.

Jayagau Village Homestay is one of the best way to explore local life of Nepal culture with peoples it is one of the famous quite area in Nepal for the travelers who are looking to explore yoga meditation and nepali culture.

Homestay tour can be organized for individuals and groups willing to experience local life. Tour will be begin from Pokhara Aroma Hostel.

Day 1 - From Pokhara drive 2 and half hour approximately by bus/jeep.
Day 2 - Morning sunrise hike 20 minutes and see the beautiful panoramic views and leisure with local people.
Day 3 - Departure to your destination by local jeep or by bus or your choice hike 1 hour ad taje a bus/jeep from Nayapool to Pokhara.

Note : The Itinerary is changeable and modifiable as per needs and time frame of tour.

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