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Aroma is a family-run, lovingly crafted homestay and host of both the Aroma Tourist Hostel and Jayagau Village Yoga and Meditation Retreat. At the heart of Aroma’s hostel, homestay, and retreats is a passion for creating a wonderful community, extraordinary travel experiences, and a home away from home for people visiting Nepal.

Aroma began as a humble homestay in the Pokharel family home in Pokhara that opened its doors in the summer of 2017. The founding family of Bishnu, Parbati, and their son Bipluv founded the hostel with a love for meeting foreign travelers and helping bring jobs to the youths of Pokhara. Having traveled throughout the world and seen many wonderful places, Bishnu hoped to create a place within his home country that could bring the same joy to other people.

Soon after, the family began sending visitors out to their beautiful and serene home village of Jayagau, which quickly became a popular location for yoga and meditation. In 2019 they officially opened the Jayagau Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center.

Aroma welcomes all visitors with open arms and open hearts, in hopes of sharing a wonderful, authentic experience of Nepal. We look forward to meeting you, opening our home to you, and making sure you have the best possible experience of Nepal!

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